ISP in Canada

Best Internet Providers in Canada: You will find the name of the best Internet Service providers who offer access to the internet in various cities of Canada with their download speeds displayed alongside. If you are planning to take a new connection this information can help you to choose the best Internet Providers in Canada based upon the speeds offered by them and Canada Internet service plan.

However, if you already have an Canada internet connection, you can simply perform the speed test with Test my internet speed in order to know how prompt are your best internet providers in Canada in terms of offering services. We believe that a third party opinion is always significant as it might be possible that the test offered even by the best internet service providers in Canada might exclude the variables that you actually wish to test and thus their test is biased unlike the internet speed test at

At you can test the speed of your internet connection at that very instant within no time. If you have access to the internet Wifi, you can perform the WiFi speed test here to know the exact speed of your network connection at that particular instant of time. One of the major advantages of testing internet speed with our tool is that a single test displays all the desired results and you need not perform a download speed test and upload speed test separately. In addition, the result of the test also displays the value of ping speed test and jitter speed test which in turn helps you to monitor your connection and decide. Our test also displays the result for the latency speed test.

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Best Internet Service Providers in Canada

Internet Speed Test by ISP
ISP of Canada Max. Speed
FibreStream 500 mbps
Coextro 500 mbps
EastLink 300 mbps
Novus 300 mbps
Cogeco 250 mbps
MTS 250 mbps
Rogers 250 mbps
Shaw 250 mbps
Bell Canada 250 mbps
Altima Communication 150 mbps
MegaWire 60 mbps
Mektel 60 mbps
Start Communication 60 mbps
Vintone Telecommnications 60 mbps
Auracom 50 mbps
Colosseum 50 mbps
High Speed Crow 50 mbps
Kontego 50 mbps
Portal Network Co. 50 mbps
Vodalink 50 mbps
CRRS TV 30 mbps
Fido 30 mbps
HoronTel 30 mbps
Kelcom 30 mbps
Nucleous Inc. 30 mbps
Videotron 30 mbps
Xplornet 25 mbps
Yak 25 mbps
Acanac 25 mbps
AEBC internet Corporation 25 mbps
AIC Global Technologies 25 mbps
EyeSurf 25 mbps
ISP Canada 25 mbps
Lara 25 mbps
Mustang Technologies 25 mbps
Netflash Internet Solutions 25 mbps
Silo Wireless 25 mbps
Skychoice 25 mbps
Unitelecom 25 mbps
TbayTel 25 mbps
ColbaNet 24 mbps
Airsufer 20 mbps
Authcom 20 mbps
Hotlink Wireless 20 mbps
CityWide 20 mbps
Internet Access Solutions 20 mbps
WRS Web Solutions 15 mbps
Vmedia Inc 15 mbps
Electronic Box Inc. 15 mbps
Distributel 15 mbps
HeroNet 15 mbps
ABC Communication 15 mbps
Atalk 15 mbps
Execulink Telecom 15 mbps
Iristel 15 mbps
Kingston Online Services 15 mbps
KTMS Net 15 mbps
Mazagan Telecom 15 mbps
National Capital FreeNet 15 mbps
Odynet 15 mbps
Quardo Communication 15 mbps
RuralWave 15 mbps
Simcomnet 15 mbps
SunSonic 15 mbps
The Internet Centre 15 mbps
Unmetered 15 mbps
Vaxxine 15 mbps
Velcom 15 bps
Velocity Networks 15 mbps
Telus 12 mbps
Bell Mobility 12 mbps
EAGLE.CA 12 mbps
SaskTel 10 mbps
Access Communication 10 mbps 10 mbps
AllCore 10 mbps
Apexia 10 mbps
B2B2C 10 mbps
Bravo Telecom 10 mbps
CiteNet 10 mbps
DitChit 10 mbps
Falcon Internet Services Inc. 10 mbps
GoZoom 10 mbps
Innsys 10 mbps
Morewave Communication 10 mbps
Nexicom 10 mbps
Ontera 10 mbps
Oricom 10 mbps
Peace Region Internet Society 10 mbps
Shockware 10 mbps
Tamco Technologies 10 mbps
Tough County Communications 10 mbps
Voyageur Internet 10 mbps
Vybe Networks 10 mbps
iSpeed 9 mbps
EIDNet 9 mbps
Airenet 8 mbps
Harewaves 8 mbps
NetSet 8 mbps
CIK Telcom Inc 7 mbps
Xinflix 7 mbps
Slamhang 7 mbps
GemsTelecom 7 mbps
Lyttonnet 7 mbps
Rutexnet 7 mbps
SwitchWorks 7 mbps
Zid Internet 7 mbps
Aircomplus 6 mbps
Aserty 6 mbps
Canada On-Line Inc. 6 mbps
Chelsea Data 6 mbps
Compuxellence 6 mbps
GPN Networks 6 mbps
MNSi 6 mbps
Pathway Communication 6 mbps
Strom Internet Services 6 mbps
Teliphone 6 mbps
Thunderstar Communication 6 mbps
Uniserve Communications 6 mbps
TekSavvy 5 mbps
ConnectMoi 5 mbps
BluWest 5 mbps
China Creek Internet 5 mbps
InterActive Telecom 5 mbps
Last Mile Wireless 5 mbps
Montreal-DSL 5 mbps
Nexusds 5 mbps
Wime 5 mbps
ABS Inc. 4 mbps
QuickStream 4 mbps
Candlelight Communication 3 mbps
SSI Micro 2 mbps
SwiftHighSpeed 2 mbps
Seaside Communication 1 mbps
Vianet 1 mbps
Primus NA
295 NA
Aira Communication NA
Alberta Communication NA
AlternativeBroadband.Com NA
Aurora Internet NA
Basic ISP NA
Beanfield NA
Bell Aliant NA
CanDo Information Technology NA
Caneris NA
Club Plus Internet NA
CommunityNet NA
Comwave NA
CyberNet NA
Deveca NA
Digicom Technologies NA
DigitalWeb Internet Services NA
Galaxy BroadBand NA
GoVital Wireless NA
Groupe-Access NA
HighSpeed FX Communicaiton NA
IceNet Wireless NA
Inter.Net NA
Internet Emporium NA
Internet LightSpeed Communication NA
K-Net NA
Leopard Networks NA
Max Internet Technologies NA
MDS Wireless NA
MySignal NA
Netfox Communication Corp. NA
Northone Communication NA
Open Concept Internet NA
Orcca Networks NA
Pathcom Wireless NA
Platinum Communication NA
Redden’s Internet LTD NA
Seaside Wireless NA
Simply Connected NA
Wink Wireless NA
Worldline NA
Zazeen NA
Vencouver Community Network NA
Surf Internet NA
TeraGo Networks NA
Source Cable Limited NA