Internet Speed Test Reviews By Country

Internet Speed Test Reviews: Speed Test is an online destination for everything related to internet connection right from the measurement of your network speed connection to the management of your bandwidth performance. No matter where you are, irrespective of that you can perform the internet or speed test by connecting to

Speed Test tool records the results for each and every test that a user performs on its website from different parts of the world. These tests are inclusive of the upload test, download test, Ping test, Jitter test and latency test. Our Speed test review is an aggregation of the list of the ISPs in various countries and their respective cities which has been perfectly organized both country wise and as per the cities displaying the average download speeds of each Internet Service Provider beside them. We have organized our database country wise first and then by the cities in the respective countries. You can click on any of the below mentioned countries and that would open you up the details of the ISPs in that country city wise with the respective average download speeds provided by them.

Whether you are connected to a broadband, mobile internet or WiFi is the platform that allows you to test the speed of your connection easily displaying the results within a minute. Thus, you can easily find out how fast is your internet speed with our WiFi Speed Test.

Thus, to know that what is the speed of internet service provided by various ISPs of the country you live in? Whether your internet service provider offers the same speed in your country as that in others?  Is your country ahead or behind in terms of faster internet access and other such information can be obtained from our ISP Speed Test Reviews section.