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If you're not sure about what is jitter test or how jitter speed test work, you can read our article about jitter test or jitter speedtest, You all must have come across the problems while performing activities online, and often it is seen that your internet connection suffers from the poor sound quality.This issue becomes of greater significance while considering VoIP i.e. Voice over Internet Protocol because to sell such services, the superior sound quality comes out to be the unique selling point.

Here, we have given a brief idea about what is jitter, how it occurs while using the internet connection or for sending large data streams over a computer network, how speedtest jitter works. (This may include network communications, online gaming, etc.). Further, we have also discussed the effects of jitter and how can we fix the jitter issues?, First test your jitter with jitter click test.

What is Jitter?

Jitter refers to the congestion resulting from the competition of millions of internet connections with each other at the same time. More specifically it is caused at the time when tiny packets of information tend to use the same IP network. In technical terms jitter is defined as the variability of time over the latency across the network. Now, latency is the measure of the time delay caused in between the user request made and the response generated. Of course it is known that since each packet can travel distinguished route and still reach the same destination causing jitter and so we need to know that why high jitter can become issue?

What causes Jitter?

The practical result of the cause of jitter is that few words in a VoIP call might get jumbled due to few packets that take pretty long time to reach their destinations as compared to others. High jitter impacts the sound quality of VoIP telephonic calls. Such cases lead to difficulty in understanding the calls. Let us take an example to understand this.

Suppose that there are two computers i.e. Computer A and Computer B where they communicate with each other and thus, transfer of data packets takes place amongst them. These packets travel in equal time intervals over a healthy network. This allows the computer to process the received data. In case these time intervals somehow get disrupted then it leads to the situation of jitter. Thus, if latency over normal connection measures 10 ms then it would rise to 50 ms with jitter. This in turn makes it quite difficult for the receiving computer to process the data.

Effects of Jitter

The occurrence of Jitter over your network connection obstructs your smooth functioning and leads to problems like network congestion and packet loss.

Network Congestion is way similar to the traffic jam on the highway where cars cannot move ahead at a reasonable speed the only difference being that here all the packets come to a junction at the same time allowing nothing to load disrupting the speed of the internet.

Packet Loss refers to the loss of information. This occurs when the packets reach unexpected intervals and the receiving computer in such situations is unable to process the information.

Packet Loss may cause problems

This creates a negative impact on watching video i.e. the video becomes pixelated and starts skipping in case the network experiences jitter. While playing an online game the impact of packet loss due to jitter is that the player starts skipping over the screen and in the worst scenario the game goes from one scene to other i.e. skips over a part of the game.

The jitter may cause problems with submission of the advertising bids in AdTech i.e. the company may not get a good bid or might miss the opportunity to bid simultaneously. In VoIP calls over telephone High jitter impacts the sound quality making it difficult to understand and communicate the reason for being a failure of voice data arrival. Test internet jitter test with jitter clicking test.

How Is Jitter Measured?

Jitter measurement involves the calculation of average packet-to-packet delay time or it refers to the variation amongst the absolute packet delays in a sequence of online communications. This is then done in various ways depending on the type of traffic. Jitter for voice traffic can be measured depending upon whether you have control over just one endpoint or both. Let us see the ways to measure Jitter.

When the network has control over Single Endpoint: While your network has control over just one of the endpoints (aka single-ended) then the jitter is measured by calculating the average of the minimum RTT round-trip time and the RTT of a series of voice packets.

When the network has control over Double Endpoint: When the network has control over double endpoints then the jitter measured is instantaneous jitter i.e. the variation observed in transmission and receiving of a single packet. Jitter here is the average difference between the average instantaneous jitter and the instantaneous jitter during the transmission of data packet series. you can test jitter ping test with our tool.

Bandwidth Testing

You can choose to avoid maths and determine the jitter level you are experiencing by performing the bandwidth test. speed test with jitter tool that is capable of calculating important factors of your internet connection:

  • Download and upload speeds
  • Jitter times
  • Latency

How can you fix the Jitter issues?

First start jittertest with our jitter internet test and check the jitter result. The main cause of jitter is the difference between the average latency time of the data packets. There are many ways to combat the jitter issues and even prevent them. Let’s check them out.

Choose a Powerful Router: Although it’s difficult to determine exactly how a router would handle jitter, it’s important to ensure that you do proper research before you go to purchase a router. Check the reviews about its performance, see the specification and complaints if any related to the networking issues. Ensure that the bandwidth capacity is higher enough to withstand the traffic of household usage. There are several low-quality routers there, in particular, those packed with home internet service plans. Thus, ensure that you have done thorough research before buying a low-quality router.

Ethernet Cable to connect to the network: It is convenient to use the wireless connections for normal usage but when it comes to online gaming it is not at all sufficient. Interference comes from the number of sources and most of them are simply out of control.This, in turn, may lead to packet loss, jitter and higher latency.But while you are directly connected to your router over the Ethernet cable it gives you a better experience consistently. Even if your home PC lies in a separate room it is always better to connect them via Ethernet cable for a better experience.

Use High-Speed Internet Connection: Another way to fix the jitter issues is to make use of the high-speed internet. Slow internet connection speeds are liable to increase the jitter while the bandwidth is shared with other people.Though the fiber internet connection type is considered to be the most ideal one amongst all, simply choosing for more bandwidth or changing the ISP i.e. internet service provider can create the difference in your internet usage experience.


Experiencing regular jitter in PC games? Then don’t simply check your upload and download speeds and your ping and leave it without taking any proactive approach. As per your setup, your jitter problem may be relatively easy to find out and fix. Check your router’s capacity and prefer to buy an upgraded model to ensure high performance, connect your PC to the network through the ethernet cable and make sure that you experience a reliable and high-speed internet. Using the combination of software (on your PC), network infrastructure and custom routing protocols can effectively lead to route gaming for you to experience more trusted and responsive internet connection that reduces jitter and improves your network stability.

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