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If you are a Netflix binger, a gamer or a person working at home, obviously Wi-Fi or Internet speed testing is a big concern. Should you be wondering what you need to do to speed your internet?

What internet download speed does one need for Netflix? Or what can be a good download internet speed to work for home, stream videos, listen to music, etc. then you are possibly concerned with the download speed.

Know everything about the download speeds what is download speed? Factors affecting the download speed and how to fix the issues related to slow download speeds? And other related terms.

Check out this information about the download speeds and follow the best troubleshooting suggestions for streaming, online gaming, using multiple devices and other common activities. Let us first see what is download speed?

What is download speed?

The download speed refers to how fast one can pull the data from server to themselves. Majority of the connections are designed to download much faster than what they upload.

Since the majority of the online activities such as streaming videos or loading of the web pages comprise of downloads, and this makes download speed of high importance.

For general consumers, the download speed is much faster than the upload speed. This obviously makes sense as the consumers usually tend to download much more information than what they upload.

Streaming videos or music, scrolling through the Instagram feeds, reading the blog post or listening to music online are the activities that do not require any uploads after initiation. These internet usage applications are all passive applications and not interactive.

What is a good download speed?

What can be considered as a good download speed ideally? Well, the answer to this question largely depends upon what are you trying to do. In this post, we have provided you the following guidelines to what can be considered as a good download speed for various online activities as good download speed varies depending upon the way the individual uses the internet.

2-4 Mbps: This download speed range is enough for the casual web surfing along with checking email. This download speed is enough if you want to stream a standard definition video but the places with such slow download speed do not recommend the passengers to download content or stream video.

4-6 Mbps: If your download speed ranges between 4-6 Mbps then you might have a good web surfing experience. Usually faster enough to stream high-definition video and it also permits downloading of few videos that range within 20 minutes at this speed. However, 4 Mbps can be too slow.

6-10 Mbps: Usually, 6-10 Mbps speed range provides an excellent web surfing experience and is fast enough to stream 1080p high definition video.

10-20 Mbps: The super users of the internet who wish to have a reliable internet usage experience to stream content or make faster downloads, this download speed range is best suitable for them.

20+ Mbps: This download speed of 20+ Mbps is ideal for those people who wish to run a lot of applications at once particularly for business reasons.

When do the download speeds, matter?

The download activities fairly use larger download bandwidth as compared to the upload speeds for the following activities:

  • Watching a movie or Netflix
  • Online shopping
  • Scrolling through social media websites
  • Viewing the YouTube videos
  • Business-related activities
  • Streaming music services
  • Reading online and even more

People do not upload large video files or they often do not choose video conferencing from home as the domestic connections have faster download speed but slow upload speed and this online activity require both the speeds to be equally good.

However, fiber internet connections are an exception. These internet providers often provide symmetrical speeds i.e. similar download and upload speeds.

What factors Affect download Speeds?

Multiple factors affect your download speed some of which can be resolved by us while others aren’t in control.

However, if you wish to experience slow download speeds continuously then go for research and try the troubleshooting process to resolve the issue. But let us first see what are the factors that tend to affect the download speeds?

Connection Bandwidth

The bandwidth of your internet connection is an important factor that plays a role in affecting the download speed. Most of the home networks are asymmetric i.e. the ISPs offer different download and upload speed such as the cable internet connections offer up to 3Mbps download speed and around 600 kbps of upload speed.

Total Bandwidth Consumption

The total consumption of the available bandwidth for your internet connection that makes use of shared application or software involving downloads as well as uploads might slow down the download speed due to the consumption of larger bandwidth.

These activities may include uploading of large data files, VoIP telephonic service, video conferencing, etc. This may cause slow download speed for those using the same network or for those performing number of simultaneous functions.

If you wish to download a file quickly, pause or close the other activities that involve internet usage till the time downloading task gets completed.

Internet Service Provider

Most of the internet service providers promise for a higher download and upload speeds in their internet connection plan. However, this barely proves true when it comes to internet connection speed.

The ISPs sometimes provide lesser speed than the ones promised. Thus, if you experience a slower download speed in your internet connection then reach out to your Internet Service Providers and ask them to verify the speed at their end or if there is an issue then look after the same.

If you try downloading the data at the time when the internet use is at its peak then it means that others around you are also using the network at that particular instant.

Then, it is obvious for you to experience slower download speeds as compared to those in the peak-off hours. Still, if you experience lower download speeds then contact your ISPs in that case for help because it may be a problem at their end.

How to troubleshoot the slow download speeds?

If your download speeds are slower than what you have expected it to be then there may be an issue with your internet service connection.

Just visit to perform an internet speed test and check the download speed of your connection.

Generally, you need your internet connection to deliver at least 6-10 Mbps upload speed to make sure that almost all the online activities function smoothly.

Try the following troubleshooting ideas to resolve the issues of slow download speed:

Check your Internet Connection Service

If your download speed isn’t as good as your ISP’s internet Plan, then in such cases please reach out to your Internet service provider and ask them to look after the problem or verify if their connection is working properly.

Use Ethernet cable instead of the wireless connection

Using a wireless connection may also lead to slower download speeds. Wireless connections may have certain flaws in the connection that might cause the download and upload speed to reduce automatically. Thus, switching to a wired connection would be of greater benefit as you can enjoy considerably higher download speeds.  

Get the Java version updated and also restart your computer sometimes

Update the Java version to the latest ones and get them updated. Also sometimes you should try restarting your computer as there might be a certain issue that would prevent java from functioning well and in these cases restarting the computer works most of the time.

Business network restrictions

The users who access the site from the office settings may notice that their internet connections have been blocked to hightail by the IT departments that probably would slow down the download speed. In these cases, you might consult your IT department.

Use different computer or browser

Sometimes you may see that the download speed may increase on the other browsers. In such cases, you must check that your web browser is updated to the latest version be it chrome, firefox, safari or internet explorer.

Even if in the updated browser our download speed doesn’t improve then, in such cases try using a different computer in order to get the issue resolved.

And if the other computer gets you higher download speed then it means that there is an issue with the computer that lowers down the download speed. And if the opposite happens then possibly the problem lies with one’s internet connection.


Since the users constantly watch Netflix, movies, video, etc. the requirement for fast download speed is increasing dynamically. Having a faster download speed is important for performing tasks such as downloading or accessing of the large data files in business, use VoIP phone service, engaging oneself in video conferences and others.

Slow download seeds can have multiple reasons but are basically affected by the user’s internet connection plan, usage traffic as well as the computer. In case you find that your download takes too much time then you may use any of the above-listed methods to troubleshoot and improve the download speeds of your internet connection.

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