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Thinking of how to test SNET internet speed? Wondering what SNET speed test would be best to measure internet speed that your SNET internet service provider offers?

No matter who is your internet service provider, i.e. whether it is SNET or any other ISP, the best thing about Speed Test Tool is that it displays unbiased results for the internet speed test performed over any internet service provider and not only speed test SNET.

The SNET speed test at displays the measure for key factors in your internet connection which is inclusive of download test, upload test, jitter test, latency test, wifi speed test and ping test.

If SNET internet speed test gives the result below your expectations then you may either try the various troubleshooting methods or reset the router by your own to improve the connection speed. If it doesn’t get fixed at your end, you may call up the SNET internet service provider i.e. SNET customer service or SNET customer support.

SNET Internet Speed Test with TMIS.ORG

We believes that a third party opinion is always required and there should be no interference of the provider so as to obtain the true results. When the internet service providers use their own test it may become a conflict of interest as the service providers tend to eliminate the variable that you are otherwise here to test such as the internet route itself.

The speed test at Internet Speed Test is unbiased and grades all the internet providers on a similar criterion. This test enables you to give a thought if your connection is running perfectly.

About SNET Internet Service Provider

SNET Internet service is known to be one of the best services, especially when it comes to the reliability and speed of the internet connection that allows the customers to stream high-quality videos without obstruction and also downloads large files within seconds.

Furthermore, it offers a powerful WiFi strength that has enough speed to play, stream and upload easily using your various devices. Use the speed test at to test your device internet connection speed.

Whether you are a casual internet user who just reads everyday news checks e-mails or even if you are among those users who make a heavy usage to work at home, watch movies, online gaming and even more, SNET Internet plans have been designed keeping each kind of requirements in mind.

With over millions of users across the world, one of the largest internet providers whose ultra-fast connection is highly reliable, secure and keeps you connected to the entertainment throughout.

Use test my internet speed to check SNET speed test to examine your current internet speeds.

SNET Speed Test Results Meaning

The internet speed test result displayed on the screen basically has four components i.e. download speed, upload speed, ping speed and jitter speed . Let us see what they indicate.

Download Test: Measured in Mbps the download speed of your internet connection tells that how quickly your device downloads data from the internet. In case your test reveals that the download speed isn’t good or fast enough to withstand your activities such as gaming, watching videos or others then this suggests that your you have a slow internet connection.

Upload Test: Upload speed is the speed at which your device tends to upload the data over internet and is measured in Mbps. The upload speed of your Internet connection decides that how quickly you can upload the larger files like videos, photos etc.

Ping Test: Ping is measured in milliseconds and is indicative of the delay in time that the data takes in travelling to its destination. In general latency under 100ms is considered to be good. Higher latency like as 200ms aren’t good as these make your internet connection appear slower than it actually is and may also cause interruptions in the activities like video chatting.

Jitter Test: Jitter is measured in milliseconds and is indicative of the delay in time that the data takes in travelling to its destination. In general latency under 100ms is considered to be good. Higher latencies like as 200ms aren’t good as these make your internet connection appear slower than it actually is and may also cause interruptions in the activities like video chatting.

SNET Speed Test FAQ’s

Internet Speed test is based upon thousands of real-world Internet Connections and the test can be run by the users themselves and does not necessarily need IT experts or technicians to perform the same. The results of our speed test usually pertain to the home networking issues often caused by the error at user’s end. This might result in lower speed averages than what you might experience on a properly installed internet connection.

Why is the upload and download speed for internet connection different?

This is because like all the other internet service providers also tends to prioritize the download speeds over the upload speeds for the users as people are more into downloads than in uploading the content.

What is good download speed?

Generally a download speed of 5-10 Mbps per user is enough, however, it largely depends on kind of the online activities a user performs. Like streaming HD videos uses larger bandwidth as compared to merely browsing social media.

What is good upload speed?

Upload impacts everything you do on the internet and therefore a good upload speed is always required. An ideal internet connection is the one that has symmetrical speed i.e. equal download and upload speed. But most of the internet service providers prioritize the download speeds over the upload speed. Generally, upload speed ranging from 1-100 Mbps is considered as a good one.

What is a good internet speed?

Usually, the internet speed ranging from 4-6Mbps often provides a good surfing experience and is generally faster enough to stream high definition 720p video. This speed range ideally allows you to download few videos within about 20 minutes and a speed below this i.e. 4Mbps can still be too slow.

How can I test my WiFi speed or Wireless connection speed?

While most of the internet service providers (ISP) provide their own speed test tool, but to get more reliable, unbiased and accurate internet speed results you shall opt for a third party speed tests.

Why is my internet so slow?

To check for the cause at your end see if you are downloading or streaming anything that is consistently using bandwidth in the speed test process. If your speed test still gives the result saying that your internet connection is slow then try to reboot your router.

Why do I get different internet speeds on my computer and my phone/tablet?

Test my internet speed test measures the actual speed for your internet connection at a particular instant and so these may lead to variation in the test results depending upon the network congestion and the bandwidth available.

What speeds do I need for Netflix, Skype, games, etc.?

In order to stream Netflix, use Skype, play games and other related activities. To get the best performance you need 25Mbps while streaming Netflix, using Skype, online gaming speed.

What’s an acceptable latency or ping for gaming online?

If you have ever come across the situation in gaming that the other player possibly seems to have jumped on you then the ping or latency must be high. you can test you latency speed by using our latency test. Here is a guideline to help you:

  • Winning: 0-59 ms
  • In the game: 60-129 ms
  • Struggling: 130-199 ms
  • Game over: 200+ ms

Why you should perform SNET speed test with us?

It is usually a conflict of interest while SNET service provider have their own speed tests and hence a third party opinion is always required. However, SNET testing speed with the third party ensures you that whether SNET is reliable and is not overcharging you. speed test with internet speedtest tool is absolutely free and unbiased providing almost real results. .

About Test My Internet Speed Website

Test My Internet Speed is a website dedicated to performing speed tests for the various network connections. It has been offering free online speed test.The website works well in all the web browsers without any plugins and is quite easy to use. The internet speed test at provides exclusive result displaying the statistics about your bandwidth that is rare to find with other speed tests.

The spped test results of SNET at Test My Internet Speed have illustrated in a such a way that it is easy to understand and possibly allows you to compare the results of your network speed to other users of the same ISP, speed testers as well as other people in your city. Test your internet speed with test speed tool.

Latest 20 Speed Test

Last Updated On 2024-07-15 .

Date ISP Name Country Ping Jitter Download Upload
2024-07-15 11:11:07 ZSCALERUS221.38231.181.447.59
2024-07-15 02:16:40 Ani Network Pvt LtdIN265.7811.140.920.00
2024-07-14 09:01:21 Xplore Inc.CA634.2015.138.010.31
2024-07-13 06:07:21 Cal.netUS92.00106.584.361.96
2024-07-13 06:05:54 Cal.netUS1028.841397.890.070.00
2024-07-13 05:00:55 Tiscali Italia S.P.A.IT185.5010.0059.088.19
2024-07-13 04:25:25 CHINA UNICOM China169 BackboneCN292.12634.150.420.14
2024-07-12 09:16:48 TerraNet salLB415.82644.260.080.00
2024-07-12 09:11:19 TerraNet salLB323.68327.820.070.00
2024-07-12 09:10:38 TerraNet salLB233.80631.170.070.00

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